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In business, a non-compete clause (or NCC) is a legally binding document which prevents a party from entering into or starting a profession similar to one already being practiced by another party. These contracts are usually signed between an employee and an employer to make sure the employee doesn’t emerge as new competition in the market.
A non-compete clause may be inserted into the employment agreement itself or be presented as a document in itself. Signing any such employment-related contract immediately is never a good idea and it is necessary to have a non compete lawyer go through it. We have a team of employment lawyers in Perth. These experienced and trained non-compete lawyers can help you with crucial advice.

Validity of a non-compete clause

How valid or binding a non-compete clause depends on the enforceability of the contract in which it is inserted. A non-compete agreement lawyer in Perth who is experienced in dealing with employment law can carefully analyze such contracts in detail and determine its validity with complete accuracy.

If a non-compete clause is inserted in an employment contract it is strictly enforceable as long as the employment contract is still active. However, if the employer has made the contract void, then any non-compete clause or restraint to trade clause is no longer considered enforceable. We have highly experienced non-compete lawyers in Perth, who have plenty of experience in employment law and specific clauses. So, contact us today for a non-compete lawyer in Perth before you decide to sign any such employment contract.

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Is your non-compete clause fair?

Having one of our non-compete agreement lawyers in Perth scrutinize your contract to determine not only to ensures whether it’s fair and completely legal. Employers will often try to insert multiple strict clauses in employment contracts to try and protect themselves to the fullest extent. But for their employees, it is not fair and is unethical to an extent.

How non-compete lawyer in Perth can help you?

Non-compete clauses can act as a serious dent in your career plans and have serious negative consequences on your business operations. Our employment lawyers in Perth examine all clauses of your employment contract in detail before you sign and help you make a right decision. We have experienced non compete lawyers. Breach of a contract clause can lead to serious financial penalties and once you sign it, there is no going back until the contract is over. So, visit us or call us now if you have any queries regarding employment law or need legal help.

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