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In Australia, employers are required to issue paid parental leave to all eligible employees. However, it is up to the employee to make an approach for taking leave as well as negotiate financial support under the scheme. This may sound pleasant for new parents but there are many loopholes which are often exploited to deny paid parental leave to perfectly eligible employees. Our associated Employment Lawyers in Perth handles cases with all issues related to parental leave and make sure all your rights are protected and upheld. This service is aimed at helping professionals maintain a balance between family life and work. You can reach us today for a parental rights lawyer.

When you are eligible for taking paid parental leaves?

Under the current laws, an employee has to be considered eligible for taking paid parental leaves only if his or her total annual taxable income was $150,000 or less in the preceding financial year. Other requirements that must be met too, such as a parent

  • Has a newborn or adopted a child after 1st January 2011
  • Has been employed for at least a year before the adoption or date of birth
  • Has not participated in paid work after the birth or adoption of the child

If you have any further questions regarding your eligibility, call parental rights lawyer in Perth now to consult our parental rights lawyers to get more details. It must be stated that paid parental leaves have the same rate for all individuals. This is actually calculated based on the national minimum wage.

How Long Does A Paid Parental Leave Last?

If you are eligible then you can take 18 weeks governmental funded paid leaves with leaves offered by your employer. But before going on leave, organizing all the work is a must, so that your employer doesn’t face any difficulty in your absence.

But if you are working for one hour or more on a day means you are ready to return to work and are no longer eligible. To understand the eligibility and other conditions about this, you need a legal counselor. So consult our employment lawyers in Perth to make sure you don’t miss out on any of your entitlements.

Why choose parental rights lawyer in Perth?
Parents already have a lot to deal with and the complexities of the intricate schemes of paid parental leaves are an added burden. We have experienced parental right lawyers in Perth who can offer you the best legal representation you need. Call us today or visit our website to make sure the complexities of this scheme do not leave you mentally exhausted and short of your deserved entitlements.

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