About Us

Employment Lawyers Perth is a service of Tang Law. Employment Lawyers Perth helps people resolve all kinds of legal issues related to their employment. Lawyers associated with us have many years of experience dealing in legal cases related to employment issues. They have worked in different states on a wide range of cases. They are knowledgeable and skilful. We have provided legal services to many employees across Australia. Our team of lawyers have dealt in cases related to all types of businesses. They have worked with employees of small scale companies as well as large corporate. Clientele includes junior level employees to top level executives and CEO’s. We help Australian employees in their legal matters and our qualified and helpful lawyer will stand by them throughout the process.

We can help you with all your employment issues like – breach of job contract, unfair termination, discrimination and all other things that are of concern to you related to your employment. You can reach us anytime for professional legal counsel and representation in court.

When you contact us for your needs, we provide you with a qualified and experienced lawyer to discuss your case who offers you the best possible solutions to your issues.

Why choose us?
  • We believe in offering all the benefits such like life insurance, health insurance, short-term and long-term disability benefits.
  • We will help you by understanding the law in simple terms and make it easy to pursue a cause of action.
  • Our staff of employment lawyers Perth have the trained eye to determine what is relevant and helpful for your case.
  • Our attorneys can provide you expert advice in your employment matter.
    Now, you can achieve all these benefits at affordable rates by having employment lawyers Perth. We will tackle with all your job-related cases.
Services we offer –

Employment Contract Review
Breach of Contract
Restraint of Trade
Unfair Dismissal
Workplace Discrimination
Paid Parental Leave
Employment investigation
…and everything else that comes under employment issues.

We always try to help our clients in a professional yet, personalised manner. We aim to resolve their legal matters by advising and supporting them through all stages of the legal proceedings.
So if you are facing any issue related to your work, don’t feel helpless anymore. Please feel free to contact us today. You can reach us through email or phone or, just walk into our office.