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Every employee is entitled to practice workplace rights and cannot be scrutinized or subjected to adverse action such as dismissal by the employer for that. If an employer has taken an adverse action against you for practicing any workplace right such as an enquiry of a process, then you can seek legal help and stand against the unlawful act towards you by your employer.

Our team of employment lawyers in Perth stand on a firm ground ensuring workplace rights of our clients and provide them with just solutions. Contact us to know how we can help you in your case.

How Can Workplace Rights Lawyer Protect Your Rights?
Workplace rights are the basic rights which an employee is entitled to in Australia. If he/she has been subjected to any kind of adverse action by the employer for practicing workplace rights, then the employee must seek legal help from workplace rights lawyer in Perth.

Our employment lawyers are well versed with various employment laws in Australia and hold years of professional expertise in handling various workplace rights cases. Our lawyers have been able to get our clients suitable remuneration in negotiations with employers in such cases without even having to go to court. And even when the case goes to court, it is your employers’ responsibility to prove that he didn’t take any adverse action because you only practiced your workplace rights.

Our workplace rights lawyers in Perth provide effective solutions to such cases and find out a way to get back in the game with the employer and stand against the unjust action. But many often than not, filing against adverse action cases such as for dismissals are restricted to time limits. Therefore, you must reach out to professional lawyers as early as possible for legal representation. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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Complaints & Enquires

An employer cannot take an adverse action against an employee who has raised a complaint or enquiry related to his/her employment. It is simply against the law for an employer to do so.

Though the court has differing views on what constitutes a complaint and enquiry, it is necessary that the enquiry or complaint and the employee’s employment must hold enough connection to make a claim.

In any case, the employee who has been dismissed for making a complaint or enquiry must immediately contact an employment lawyer to know if he/she is eligible to make a claim. Reach out to our team of workplace rights lawyer in Perth today to know if your claim is valid or not.

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