Employment Investigations

Hire A Lawyer For Employment Investigations, Disciplinary Or Grievance Processes

Nowadays it is common for companies and employers to hire external investigators and private external law firms in case of some disciplinary or grievance investigations. Having a third party in charge of employment investigation processes not only ensures absolute impartiality but also increases the efficiency of the task at hand. This is crucial to make sure any approach taken is fair and appropriate after taking into consideration of the situation involved.

Investigation of disciplinary processes
Employment Lawyers in Perth are highly qualified disciplinary lawyers available for all kinds of employment disciplinary processes. We help you by providing a professional analysis of your case and offer strategic advice on how to represent and fight the case and have the best possibilities of a favorable judgment. We also draft the claims on your behalf and bring forward other related claims if possible. We deal with negotiations of termination contracts with the concerned employee. We offer employment investigations for all sectors with our disciplinary lawyers. We have helped many employees with disciplinary or grievance processes through our experienced employment investigation lawyers.

Employment investigations or disciplinary processes often tend to get long and drawn out hence, strong legal representation is crucial because most cases are won and lost during these vital discussions. Whether a single meeting is arranged or a third-party investigation is involved, it is wise to have a lawyer by your side in any case. In these kinds of cases, time is of the essence, so contact us today to get all the help you need.

Work Grievances

We also help employees who have certain grievances regarding their place of work. We not only help you draft a grievance, but also help you prepare for and give advice on any investigation that might follow. Our disciplinary lawyers in Perth have substantial experience in dealing with work grievances and they will also help with all the negotiations involved as well as analyze the grievance response. It is also necessary to see if any further claims need to be dealt with involving adverse action, discrimination or harassment. Work grievance cases can also be filed involving any breach of an agreed contract involving both parties.

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Employment lawyers in Perth help clients with strategic and valuable advice to opportunity to deal with their grievance processes. Call us today or visit our website in case you have any questions about how we can help with your particular case. One must always remember that a disciplinary blot can be very harmful to an individual’s career and can affect their job opportunities in the future. Contact our disciplinary lawyers in Perth today.

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