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If you have been duped by a prospective employer or recruitment agent by showing false and misleading representations, find lawyers for misleading and deceptive conduct cases by contacting us. In Australia, citizens are protected from employer or recruitment agent against misleading and deceptive conduct under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

How to know if you have been misled by your employer?
It is very important to first establish the fact that you were duped by your employer or by a company recruiter. The Competition and Consumer Act of 2010 provide protection regarding availability, nature or terms and conditions of employment and wage or other matter related to employment like a company’s financial status and forecasts.

If you have been misled or duped with regards to remuneration, promotions or terms and conditions of your employment contract then you can avail services from Employment Lawyers in Perth and find possible solutions to your problem.

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How can we help you?

After you call us, we fix an appointment with our professionals at the earliest. You need to submit all documents related to your job. Our lawyers will review all documents and may ask you few questions about your employers and why do you think that you were misled or deceived.

After hearing your side of the story, we will try to work out the best possible solution and make sure you get justice. We may file a lawsuit on your behalf against the company or may negotiate a compensation package on your behalf according to your contractual rights without tarnishing your professional reputation.

Why is Employment Lawyers in Perth the best option to opt for?
We have the most skilled and experienced lawyers at our disposal especially lawyers for misleading and deceptive conduct cases. Our success rate is unparalleled in Australia and our work ethos is unquestionable. Our lawyers have very good experience in dealing with cases related to misleading and deceptive conduct and they have been successfully able to provide justice to the victim for umpteen numbers of times.

So without any hesitation call us to know how we can help you. We offer best employment lawyer consultation in Perth to assist our clients in their hour of need. So feel free to contact us at any of our office or get in touch with us by an email or a call.

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