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As a fair and progressive country, Australia does not entertain any unlawful act against its inhabitants. Unfair termination forms a complex legal matter in Australia for which the victim should avail legal aid from professionals as soon as possible. The strict laws in Australia against such unfair and unjust termination and constructive dismissal completely support victimized employees. But in order to fight against such acts, prompt legal assistance from an employment lawyer is a must.

There is a law in Australia which states that an application for unfair termination must be filed within 21 days of the act. Employment Lawyers in Perth can assist employees like you with the help of qualified lawyers for legal representation in case of being unfairly terminated.

Our unfair termination lawyers in Perth offer sound solutions to complex problems and offer optimum professional advice to make a good case against the employer. Our firm has successfully dealt with such cases over the years and stand apart for our excellent employment law services. Contact us anytime to discuss your case.

Making Unfair Termination Claim
Unfair and unjust termination falls under the complex area of law. Understanding it requires a thorough knowledge of the laws, therefore, taking the help of local employment lawyers, who are well-versed and updated with laws in Australia, would be a wise decision.

Our employment lawyers provide productive legal counseling and sound advice so that you can make a well-informed and discerning choice. We help you decide whether you need to pursue an unlawful termination claim, general protection claim or additional claim for compensation for unjust termination. Our lawyers study your case thoroughly and advice you a legitimate course of action.

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Unfair or Unjust Termination can include issues of enterprise agreement coverage, employment type, provisions for Fair Work Act 2009, Small Business Fair Termination Code and time limits for claims. Further, the term “termination” can be defined as a situation in which an employee has resigned but was forced to do so due to conditions related to conduct and course of conduct as were engaged in by the employer. Such kind of termination is termed as “constructive dismissal”.

Employment lawyers in Perth deals with various employment law cases and offer excellent solutions to employees that are specially catered to them as per their situation demands.

We have a commendable record in dealing with unfair termination cases. Contact us today to avail legal representation of Perth employment lawyers.

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