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Workplace discrimination has become very common all around the world. It is a serious offence and many employees face it in Australia. Workplace discrimination lawyers in Perth have a dedicated service available for people who suffer injustice by being unfairly treated at work because of a personal attribute. If you are also one of the victims discriminated, against for your race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or any other reason, you can reach us today to get compensated for mental distress, lost remuneration, or harassment. Our experienced workplace discrimination lawyers in Perth are available to help you get justice.

What is discrimination in the workplace?

In Australia, there are laws against discrimination for personal attributes to protect individuals. Discrimination in the workplace can be in many forms such as:

  • Demoting or dismissing an employee
  • Subjecting employees to poor work environments
  • Denying or limiting use of company facilities
  • Paying unequal wages to employees with the same post
  • Discrimination during maternity leave, disability leave or retirement options

If you are also a victim of any of the things listed above, you can get in touch with lawyers for discrimination in the workplace in Perth and find a solution.

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How we can help?

Workplace discrimination not only happens to junior level employees, but senior executives also face it. Our highly qualified discrimination in the workplace lawyers in Perth study discrimination cases in detail and help you file a claim against your company so you can get a rightful compensation for all the discrimination done to you. We have a long record in dealing with discrimination cases and our dedicated workplace discrimination lawyers have dealt with discrimination cases against all levels of businesses, small or big. Workplace discrimination lawyers in Perth help employees register a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission. We hear your story on a personal level and examine the circumstances you went through at work and offer the best legal consultation.

Our discrimination in the workplace lawyers in Perth believe that prejudice should be unacceptable at all places and you should not let it go. You have to speak and raise your voice against it. Call lawyers for discrimination in the workplace today for a employment lawyer consultation in Perth and get the right legal advice for your case. Don’t forget that a claim must be filed within a fixed time period from the time discrimination occurred. All kinds of evidences are important for such cases and action should be taken at the right time. Call us now and take the first step to fight discrimination.

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