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Restraint of Trade clauses are an important part of employment agreements. These clauses are formed for the purpose of preventing a former employee affecting a business’s interests after they have left it. Restraint of trade laws also work for maintaining an employee’s code of conduct while they are part of the enterprise.

Such clauses are mentioned in employment contracts for protecting interests of employers. Employees should thoroughly study contracts before signing as these bonds may have serious aftermaths restricting them from starting own business in future or even working somewhere else in the same sector.

Our team of Employment Lawyers in Perth offer wide range of legal services from experienced lawyers for employment issues like restraint of trade can be of great help to you. Our experienced restraint of trade lawyers provide you with expert counselling and assistance for a better understanding that allows making negotiations for the restraint of trade clauses.

Knowing Restraint of Trade Laws Prior to Signing a New Contract

At the time of signing an employment contract, it is highly advisable to carefully go through all the pages and have a clear understanding of each and everything mentioned in it as restraint of trade clauses have a direct effect on your future endeavours and prevents you from starting your own business. The restraint of trade laws are really stringent and can have serious impact on a person’s professional goals after the employment comes to an end. So it becomes important to consult a restraint of trade lawyer.

An employee should know well that what these restraint of trade clauses actually mean and how they can affect their life after they leave their job. Our associated Employment lawyers in Perth offer services for this type of cases and provide legal counsel to employees for dealing with such clauses.

Our lawyers have many years of experience in laws pertaining to employment and are skilled to handle the complexities of the law. You can talk to us for legal consultation to make an informed decision before signing a job contract.

Connect With Us & Understand the Enforceability of These Laws

Employment contract laws like restraint of trade clauses play an important role for protecting a business’s interests from possible infringement by its former employees. They are formed in order to protect classified information in the interest of a business like the trade practices and secrets, commercial networks, consumer policies and other vital information. However restraint of trade laws cannot completely hold back a previous employee from using his learned skills in future, but upholding restraint clauses also happens. A former employee can appeal in a court against a restraint of trade clause in their agreement with their employer.

So it is highly important for employees to go through all the clauses mentioned in their job agreement to avoid any future consequences resulting as a barrier in their future endeavours.

Our team of Employment lawyers in Perth is always available to help employees understand the implication of their employment contract so that they can negotiate the dispute clauses to avoid future problems.

Call us today to get your employment agreement reviewed by a professional restraint of trade lawyer before it’s too late.

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