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Workplace bullying is a serious crime against one’s basic right to work with freedom and dignity, and it can happen to anyone irrespective of seniority or position of a person. If workplace bullying is interfering with your work, mental or physical health or, your professional life, then taking a stand against it is essential.

Australia prohibits workplace bullying completely, and if you have been a victim of it or have witnessed it happening in your work sphere, then we can help you stand against it with the help of our lawyer for workplace bullying in Perth. Our team of employment lawyers in Perth can help you with the best possible legal representation, and counselling. We have provided legal guidance to many employees who have been victims of employment law breaches in Australia.

Our division for workplace bullying has adept workplace bullying lawyers in Perth that can help you raise the issue and file your claim against it. Call us if you are witnessing or experiencing this kind of unlawful act.

National Anti-Bullying Legislation in Australia

On January 1, 2014, new federal laws to prohibit workplace bullying came into effect. These anti-bullying laws protect workers and employees against unethical bullying at workplace. Although these laws put a full stop to workplace bullying immediately, they do not entitle victims to gain monetary compensation or any kind of reinstatement in return.Our professional lawyer for workplace bullying in Perth can help you file a claim against these kinds of unjust and unlawful acts.

What Determines Workplace Bullying?

Workplace bullying often happens in a disguised manner or in a direct manner, but is often overlooked. If you have been enduring these below-mentioned things, then taking the help of bullying layers in Perth is advisable.

  • You are constantly experiencing unreasonable behaviour in regard to your work.
  • The unreasonable behaviour threatens your safety and affects your mental and physical health.
  • You find that this behaviour is likely to continue unless and until a strict action is taken against it.
  • If you have been facing such a situation and your employment is covered under federal anti-bullying laws, then avail the help of workplace bullying lawyers in Perth and file a case against it.

    Why choose bullying lawyers with us?

    Employment lawyers in Perth – our team of lawyers for workplace bullying in Perth are well-aware of various anti-bullying laws and offer optimum guidance and advice to our clients. Our lawyers are dedicated, committed to work and skilled in their area of service. Further, our every action is directed only after studying the case and situation thoroughly, thus avoiding any problem in future. Contact our bullying lawyers in Perth today to discuss your case.

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