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Wrongful Dismissal is a breach of an employment contract signed between an employer and an employee. It occurs when the employer breaks the contract laws and wrongfully terminates the employee. If you have been a victim of wrongful dismissal, then there are a plenty of possible solutions to oppose it. Our team of Employment Lawyers in Perth can assist you with legal counsel. We help employees who have been victimised by such breach of laws with our lawyer for wrongful dismissal services.

Our associated wrongful dismissal lawyers in Perth provide optimum solutions for such situations of wrongful dismissal and help our clients get proper compensation for their various kinds of losses or even reinstatement in some cases. To seek our help or receive legal consultation in such circumstances, contact us today and discuss your case.

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Understand Wrongful Dismissal with Lawyer for Wrongful Dismissal in Perth

Wrongful dismissal is different than unfair dismissal as it involves a breach of employment contract and is a case of common law. One should hire a professional lawyer for wrongful dismissal in Perth in order to decide the optimum future course of action in such a scenario.

There are two chief remedies for wrongful dismissal, which are compensation and specific performance of the contract. Our Wrongful dismissal lawyers in Perth can study your case and help you to decide which solution suits your case the best.

It is the most common solution for wrongful dismissal. The solution aims to bring the injured party in the same league as the employer. The injured party is awarded with rightful compensation for various losses which he/she has faced due to wrongful termination. The compensation may be offered for loss of future and present income, including commissions, salaries, bonuses, profit sharing and other such remunerations. Compensation is also applicable for losses and expenses bore as a consequence of a breach of contract and also for mental harassment suffered due to it.

Specific Performance
Specific Performance is rarely adopted as a solution by courts after wrongful dismissal as they prefer not to force the unwilling parties to re-establish their professional relationship. However, reinstatement of an employee is chosen in special cases when and if the injured employee has a special position. This generally happens in the case of high-profile public service role, with a senior executive position in companies or with a board member.

Wrongful Dismissal lawyers in Perth
with our firm hold high success rate in dealing with wrongful dismissal cases. We, through either discrete, effective negotiations or via litigation, as necessary strive to achieve an ideal result for the clients. Call our employment lawyers in Perth now for legal guidance, counselling or representation.

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