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Today, all types of businesses are regulated by strict laws and, disciplinary investigations of employees have been increased to a high level lately. Different government bodies conduct such investigations. Our team of Employment Lawyers in Perth offers legal help for professionals facing these types of investigations.

Occupations under Investigations
People working in different sectors are subject to face disciplinary investigations. Investigations on health practitioners like dentists, chiropractors and general doctors are very common. Also coming under this category are psychologists, pharmacists, and physiotherapists and even practitioners of Chinese medicine or similar branches can be investigated for fitness to practice.

Other commonly investigated professions can include teachers, lawyers, property agents, architects, plumbers, engineers and surveyors.

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How we can help?

Firstly, it must be stated that meetings or hearings involved in disciplinary investigations can happen in the presence of legal representation or between the involved parties only. Our team of Employment Lawyers in Perth can represent on your behalf and negotiate during disciplinary meetings.

Disciplinary meetings without lawyers: Disciplinary hearings are not the same in every line of work and this is done in some cases where the disciplinary body or any other investigating body wants to talk with the concerned party in private with full consent from the party involved. In these cases, we can prepare the client for possible questions after understanding the details of the case in question.

Disciplinary meetings with lawyers: When legal representation is involved, our highly qualified and experienced professional discipline lawyers in Perth can guide you in these meetings and offer crucial advice to give you the ideal result. We not only analyze every such case in detail but also ensure that the client knows how to answer every possible question. Having a strategy from beforehand is crucial for victory in the stressful environment of the meeting room. So call us today to know in more details how we can help.

Importance of Legal Help in These Cases
A disciplinary hearing or investigation is a serious matter for the career of any professional. Irrespective of previous achievements, such cases can be a huge blot and have severe negative consequences years later. A fitness to practice investigation harms your chances of subsequent employments and your future might be at stake. So visit our office today, call us or go to our website today if you need legal representation.

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