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You are reading this webpage, it’s pretty clear that you have suffered unfair dismissal from your employment. But you are not the only person, every year many employees go through this same situation. For sacked employees like you, unfair dismissal lawyer in Perth is the answer. Australian laws prevent employers from sacking employees unethically from the job. There is a legal process that helps you in this kind of situation and gets you compensated for your loss.

How to know if you were fired unfairly?

The first step is to be sure that you have been fired on unfair grounds before filing a dismissal claim and there is a process for determining it. It requires you to furnish all necessary documents related to the case. Lawyers for unfair dismissal in Perth would require documents like the employment contract, past pay slips and also the dismissal letter from you to initiate the process of filing a dismal claim on your behalf. An important factor to be mentioned here is that claims for such type of cases are only considered valid when they are submitted within 21 days from the dismissal of an employee. So it is important to act fast and avail help as soon as possible with unfair dismissal lawyers in Perth.

How lawyers for unfair dismissal in Perth can help?

After receiving all the required documents from you, we start reviewing them and initiate the process of establishing the validity of your unfair dismal claim. The lawyers for unfair dismissal in Perth might also ask you more questions related to the events that transpired prior to your discharge in details. This is required as knowing your situation and understanding all parts involved in your case works best for your legal proceedings. After receiving information from your side, the unfair dismissal lawyers in Perth file a claim form and submit it to the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

Why choose lawyers for unfair dismissal in Perth?

Our well qualified and experienced unfair dismissal lawyers study your case from all aspects and do their best efforts to turn things in your favor. We value the time of our clients and understand the situation they are going through. Our experienced lawyers have worked on many cases and can easily help you for your unreasonable dismissal from your job. Our skilled lawyers talk to you on a personal level and discuss all things that work in your favor.

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