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Workplace investigations are internal investigations conducted by a firm in cases of alleged harassment, violence, fraud, theft or other such unlawful activities. Experienced lawyers associated with us offer their services for workplace investigations.

Workplace investigation lawyers in Perth can help you in all matters related to workplace investigations. We have assisted a large number of professionals from a wide range of sectors like medicine, education, business, etc.

Nowadays, the justice system is very strict on organizations that are failing to properly deal with workplace complaints. It is necessary to have capable legal representation in such cases or you risk being fined and having a work environment that is toxic and unproductive. In fact, if any serious complaint of wrongdoing in the workplace gets leaked, it can be a serious dent in the reputation and brand of your company. Get in touch with us today before it’s too late since these cases can often be sensitive and need to be dealt with quickly.


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How Workplace Investigation Lawyers In Perth Can Help?

How Workplace Investigation Lawyers In Perth Can Help?

Our main priority in case of workplace investigations is to solve the matter in the quickest amount of time and the most discreet way possible.

  • We respond to allegations in the workplace on behalf of a client,
  • We accompany clients in interviews with workplace investigators,
  • We prepare and file written complaints on behalf of our clients for initiating a workplace investigation.
  • We deal with meetings with employers, the board or tribunals

Contact our office today or visit us to know more details about how our workplace investigation lawyers in Perth can help in your case while providing full discretion in our services.

We value discretion, fairness and transparency
Hiring a lawyer for workplace investigations is becoming an increasingly common practice in the corporate world and absolute discretion is of paramount importance today. We realize such needs of your firm and ensure the case is handled covertly. We also make sure that any external investigators involved in workplace investigation of our clients are completely impartial and carries out a fair investigation. This is necessary to make sure the case is not already lost before an investigation begins.

Employment Lawyers with us have dealt with workplace investigation cases that range from simple settlements to long drawn out lawsuits. We have in our ranks highly reputed and veteran employment lawyers in Perth who will not only offer you the best advice in your particular case but also help you receive financial compensation for any wrongdoings to you.

How Workplace Investigation Lawyers In Perth Can Help?

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