Executive Dismissal

Get Legal Help In Case Of Executive Dismissal

If you have faced an unfair dismissal at work from your position as a Senior Manager, Executive or Director, you have all the legal rights to go against the company’s decision and seek legal help. Our team of employment lawyers in Perth offers professional help for this type of employment issue. Our executive dismissal lawyer examines your claim and prepares your legal case in the best way to represent you in the court. fake cartier ballon bleu

Dismissal through breach of contract

Any workplace dismissal is considered unlawful if the employer has failed to provide or show the contractual obligation because of which an employee has been dismissed. In some cases, employers do not make employee payments such as, a retirement fund or car benefits at the time of discharge and the concerned employer might plead not guilty of any misconduct. That is why having the best legal representation in court highly matters. Our professional team of lawyers is qualified and experienced to find any minor ways your employer might have violated the employment contract. We can help you with the services of an executive dismissal lawyer.

Bringing a claim and outstanding payments

After analyzing your case and reviewing all the necessary paperwork involved, we can determine if you are in a position to file an unfair dismissal claim where you have a chance of winning. Following re solvent of that case, you can bring forth further claims that might deal with harassment or discrimination by your employer.

One bone of contention that is common in cases of executive dismissal is the issue of outstanding payments like bonuses. Winning the decision of getting those payments can be often complicated and difficult but these details vary from case to case.

How We Can Help?

Our executive dismissal lawyer not only assesses your dismissal claims, but also put their best efforts to represent your case in the best possible manner that helps you getting a better deal and ensure that you are being treated fairly. These types of cases can also involve disciplinary meetings that are crucial as the case is hooked at these interactions between the involved parties. Our experienced employment lawyer in Perth can guide you through these meetings and give you crucial advice in these meetings. We can also deal with negotiations involved in discussions about the termination packages.

Whether the best course of action would be to file a claim with the Fair Work Commission or to approach the State Employment Tribunal can be best evaluated by knowing the executive dismissal case first. In some cases, approaching a court of law or opting for an out-of-court settlement can be the best solution.

You can also file a dismissal claim in case of a constructive dismissal when you haven’t technically been fired but job conditions forced you to resign. If any breach of contract is involved, you might have a valid executive dismissal case. Contact us today to seek legal counsel on your particular situation.

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