A New Bill Aims To Establish A Revolutionary Workplace Relations Agency In Australia

September 21, 2022    Employment Lawyers
A New Bill Aims To Establish A Revolutionary Workplace Relations Agency In Australia

The Australian Senate has received a new bill that seeks to reduce the load on the labour market and its workforce. The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations’ Department of Employment and Skills Australia is to be established as a legislative body through Employment Lawyers Perth 2022 (DEWR).



The Primary Duties Of The New Employment Lawyers Agency Would Be To-


According to the September report from the senate’s education and employment legislation committee:


Assist in the creation of government policy and programme implementation by advising the minister and secretary of the DEWR on the Australian labour market’s needs and priorities for skills and training.


The Employment Lawyers (National Skills Commissioner Repeal) Bill 2022, a piece of legislation that seeks to repeal the National Skills Commissioner Act 2020 and eliminate the position of the current National Skills Commissioner, has been filed alongside this one.


What Concerns For Australian Companies Do Employment Lawyers Seek To Address?


Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the minister of skills and training Brendan O’Connor characterised skills and labour shortages as a “serious concern” for the nation’s employers across a variety of sectors. The minister said that “the number of enterprises unable to fill job openings is expanding and is projected to hinder economic growth” in his speech during the second reading.


“Skills and labour shortages have become increasingly significant in many segments of the economy,” according to the Senate study, which also acknowledges that COVID-19 has exacerbated the situation.


“By creating a separate organisation to provide guidance on “the immediate and future skills and training needs of Australian employees and companies,” the measures seek to address this dilemma.


Public Perceptions Of The New Bill-


According to the senate report, there was “overwhelming stakeholder support for the proposals,” which was supported by comments from unions and progressive organisations. According to reports, Employment Law Lawyers is “a vital centrepiece… in reconstructing Australia’s skills system.


“According to the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), the changes were described as “crucial and required legislative reforms” by the Centre for New Industry at Per Capita (CNI Per Capita). Furthermore, the establishment of the new body was described by Ai Group and the Health Services Union (HSU) as “long overdue” and a “major step forward.”


Reform Is Required-


While stakeholders and interested parties concur that the pandemic brought to light substantial workforce difficulties, the government has acknowledged that some have asserted that “underlying inadequacies in Australia’s training system predates the pandemic.”


According to the senate’s study, CNI Per Capita stated that “the skills mismatch and underutilisation within our labour markets has been clear for a decade.”


The Australian Education Union (AEU) also emphasised how marketization has affected the standard of training in the field of vocational education. The argument made in the report was that “marketization” had “flooded the market with substandard private providers” and “moved public monies away from the Technical and Further Education (TAFE) sector and toward private for-profit providers.”


Evidently, even in light of the most recent Employment law conference, the senate measures strengthen the federal government’s obligations. The government’s $1.1 billion training programme to support an additional 180,000 fee-free TAFE spaces by 2023 was also covered by HRD. While a permanent organisation is still being discussed, it should be noted that the measure attempts to create an interim Employment Lawyers agency.


src: Human Resources Director

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