Various Forms Of Violence That Are Present In The Workplace

January 22, 2024    Employment Lawyers
Various Forms Of Violence That Are Present In The Workplace

Any act or threat of physical violence, harassing, threatening, or intimidating conduct at work is considered workplace violence. This unprofessional attitude in the workplace necessitates severe disciplinary action against the individual. Employees, consumers, clients, and visitors may all be involved. If you are subjected to workplace violence, you may choose to hire an employment lawyer.


Workplace violence is a severe problem for both employers and employees since it can result in physical and mental damage, decreased productivity, high turnover, and, in some cases, legal complications. Organisations must recognise and take the appropriate steps to prevent similar situations from recurring. Before that, let’s take a look at the types of workplace violence and several crucial aspects about it:


Types Of Workplace Violence


Understanding the types of violence in the workplace is necessary for preventing these situations by responding on time. Let us look at the types of workplace violence in this website blog:


1. Criminal Intent


The individuals who perform this type of workplace violence are usually not members or employees of the organisation. The factors that make these outsiders initiate criminal intent include intent to steal, rob, or settle a personal vendetta. This criminal intent can range from direct physical assault to indirect violence, such as vandalism or sabotage.


Because these criminal acts are goal-oriented, they are often planned and not sudden. These acts are commonly witnessed in public-facing companies, transactions, transportation of goods and cash, making them attractive targets for these criminals.


2. Customer/Client-Related Violence


Customer or client-related violence refers to the situation where the customers or clients receive services from a business or organisation that are organisationally or unprofessionally with the staff. This violence can take various forms, resulting from physical assaults and verbal abuse to threats and intimidation towards the staff members. Public industries such as hospitality, healthcare, and customer service often witness customer-related violence.


The violence of the customer towards the staff often results from factors such as poor service, poor time management, or if the client is not in a good mood. This customer behaviour towards the staff is not considered professional and might hurt the employee physically or emotionally.


3. Worker-To-Worker Violence


Individuals within the firm might also be the source of workplace violence. This sort of violence, sometimes known as “worker-on-worker” violence, involves disagreements between coworkers or supervisors and subordinates. It might take the form of bullying, harassment, or physical violence.


Workplace stress, competition, and unresolved problems may all contribute to this type of violence. Creating a respectful workplace culture, establishing conflict resolution programs, and giving ways for reporting situations are all critical tactics for preventing workplace violence.


4. Personal Relationship Violence


Workplace violence can sometimes be an extension of personal relationship troubles brought into the workplace. This can happen when an employee’s personal troubles, such as domestic abuse or family conflicts, flow over into the job.


Employers should be aware of signs of intimate relationship violence, provide support services, and urge employees to seek assistance if necessary. Employee assistance programs (EAPs) can be beneficial in addressing the core causes of personal relationship violence.


Advantages of Having an Employment Lawyer by Your Side


An employment lawyer can be a significant asset in understanding the complex environment of workplace interactions and ensuring that your rights and interests are safeguarded. Employment law is a complex and constantly evolving issue, and having a legal professional who specialises in it can give various benefits. In this website blog, we’ll look at the primary benefits of hiring an employment lawyer.


  • Legal Knowledge: Employment lawyers are professionals who focus on labour and employment law. This specialisation gives them in-depth understanding of the constantly changing world of employment regulations at the municipal, state, and federal levels. Their knowledge helps them understand and interpret complicated laws to your specific situation, providing customised legal counsel and guidance.
  • Employment Law Expertise: Employment law lawyers in Perth, Australia have extensive knowledge in the most recent employment laws. That is, they can advise you on your rights and obligations as an employee and recommend the best course of action in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.For example, you are being bullied at work. In that scenario, these lawyers will assist you in understanding your legal rights and responsibilities under the law, as well as assisting you in filing a complaint against the opposing party.
  • Legal Representation: The best workplace bullying lawyers Perth can represent you in court, discuss agreements and terms, and assist you in lodging a complaint report. Especially if you are in a complex or delicate situation at work, such as harassment, assault, or prejudice at work from coworkers, your lawyer can represent you and provide legal counsel to guarantee that your rights are safeguarded and that you receive justice.
  • Claims for Harassment and Discrimination: Employees who are subjected to workplace harassment or discrimination can greatly benefit from the advice of an employment lawyer. These lawyers can assist you in submitting complaints with appropriate agencies, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). They understand the complexities of discrimination laws, guiding you through a potentially difficult and emotional procedure while fighting for your rights.
  • Legal Procedures Knowledge: If a conflict progresses into litigation, having an employment lawyer on your side becomes crucial. These experts understand legal procedures, court regulations, and deadlines. They ensure that your case is successfully presented, that all legal criteria are met, and that your chances of a favourable decision are maximised.
  • Preventive Advice: Employment lawyers provide both employers and employees with preventive advice and workplace bullying legal advice. This may involve advice for employers on developing and executing appropriate workplace policies to avoid legal complications. Preventive advice for employees may include knowing and exercising their rights in the workplace, eventually preventing possible problems.
  • Experience and Competence: The lawyer for workplace bullying has many years of experience and competence in their profession and a significant understanding of employment legislation. This gives you the confidence to contact these specialists since you will receive the greatest assistance in resolving difficult issues when signing contracts and non-compete agreements and filing a complaint if you are subjected to harassment, bullying, and other forms of discrimination.
  • Protects Your Interests: An employment lawyer’s principal duty is to help in the assessment and negotiation of employment contracts. Whether you’re drafting a new contract or revising an old one, workplace bullying lawyers helps guarantee that the conditions are fair and advantageous. They examine contract conditions like non-compete agreements and severance packages, assisting you in understanding implications and negotiating terms in your best interests.
  • Confidentiality: The lawyer-client relationship is built on confidentiality. Having the best employment lawyers in Perth ensures that you can openly discuss important job matters without fear of your information being revealed. This level of confidentiality promotes confidence and enables for an open sharing of information.

Concluding Thoughts


Finally, the benefits of having a lawyer for workplace bullying on your side are numerous. These specialists serve a critical role in protecting your rights and navigating the complexities of employment law, from offering legal advice and contract negotiation to defending against wrongful termination and discrimination.


Whether you’re an employer looking to implement best practices in the workplace or an employee facing a difficult circumstance, the advice of an experienced employment lawyer can make all the difference in reaching a reasonable and just conclusion.

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