What are Some Ways to Stop Sexual Harassment at Work by Educating Employees about Their Rights?

September 20, 2023    Employment Lawyers
What are Some Ways to Stop Sexual Harassment at Work by Educating Employees about Their Rights?

In Australia, sexual harassment is viewed as unpleasant or disfavoured sexual behaviour. It can make an individual feel intimidated, humiliated and offended.


This type of behaviour is sexual discrimination, and one needs the help of a sexual harassment lawyer in Perth to take legal action for it. Sexual harassment is the main obstacle for female workers who are equally and fully participating in their profession.


According to a survey by the Australian Law Council, around 1 out of 4 women experience sexual harassment in their workplace. This is one of the primary reasons why women leave their respective workplaces.


Ways to Stop Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is an infraction, and employees have the full right to stop it. It’s also an employee’s duty to take care of their own safety and health and not just negatively affect the safety and health of others or themselves.


This clearly shows that employees must not sexually harass their co-workers or let other individuals within a working environment. It’s crucial for every worker to follow proper instructions, which are provided by the employer, that comply with the safety and health duty.


Some of these complaints are following the procedures and policies of the workplace and responding immediately when a person is getting sexually harassed.


In many situations, employees do have the right to decline or stop any work that looks unsafe. But the risk needs to be imminent and severe. When one stops working if it’s completely unsafe, he/she should inform their employer without any delay.


One must also be available for another type of work. It will be much better to speak with professional employment lawyers in Perth as they can provide useful information.


Otherwise, checking out the guidance published by the Human Rights Commission of Australia will be worth it. The guidance can help workers/employees have a good understanding of their respective rights that fall under the Sex Discrimination Act of 1984.


How to Find Out If Someone is Sexually Harassed at Work?

When it comes to sexual harassment in a specific workplace, it comes in many forms. Some of these are:


  • Inappropriate and unwelcome physical contact by the supervisor or colleague. Requests for sex or sexual favour in exchange for workplace advantages
  • Getting treated negatively at the workplace for rejecting sexual advances, such as bullying or threat of termination.
  • Sharing sexual materials in the workplace, such as screensavers and posters.
  • A workplace requirement where employees have sexually sexually-suggestive clothing
  • Forcing to conduct sexual activities under the threat of losing employment
  • Sexual emails, texts or phone calls
  • Sharing stories about the sexual experience, lew jokes or mockery of a sexual nature.
  • Passing comments of a sexual nature about a person’s look
  • Asking questions about the sexual activities of a person
  • Making demeaning, offensive and sexually suggestive facial experiences, gestures or remarks.
  • Constantly asking for sexual favours or dates despite getting rebuffed.


The intent of the individual who is engrossed in sexual nuisance doesn’t matter. Similarly, the gender identity, gender, or/and the sex of an individual involved in the sensual pestering is pretty unrelated. Anybody can be impacted by sexual harassment.


Sexual harassment is something that can take place in a series of events or within a single event. It can be written, verbal or physical. This type of harassment can also be subtle instead of being obvious or explicit.


It can also involve the abuse of trust or power and might be directed towards an individual who cannot stop this type of behaviour quickly and easily.


Hearing/Seeing Sexual Harassment at Work: What to Do?

The workplace sexual harassment lawyers in Perth have said that many of their clients were able to take legal action for sexual harassment after getting support from other employees.


So, when one gets to see/hear that a worker is getting sexually harassed by someone at the workplace, he/she can do the following to help them:


  • When he/she feels comfortable and safe to do so, he/ they should tell the other individual that he/ they object to his/her behaviour and ask them to stop it.
  • He/she must speak to the person who is getting harassed. The best thing one can do is listen to them and then ask them what type of support they want. One can also help by providing information so that they plan what they can do next.
  • It’s important to report sexual harassment to the supervisor, an individual designated by the company or human resources. One should do so while considering the privacy-related concerns of the individual he/she is reporting on behalf of.
  • Speak to the representatives or the employer about the policy on sexual harassment and properly communicate and display the policy at the workplace. That way, one can raise awareness about sexual harassment in the workplace and offer training to all employees.


Individuals might have to decide what type of action they might take based on the situation. The concentration should be on the safety of the person getting harassed and the safety of oneself.


Depending heavily on the role/position he/she has in the company, they might have the power to report sexual harassment and also check the process that’s being followed.


Why Take the Help of the Employment Lawyers?

Getting sexually harassed by someone at the workplace is not at all a good thing. It’s highly offensive and humiliating at the same time. A person can take legal action against someone who is sexually harassing them at the workplace.


To do so, taking the services of lawyers from the best employment law firms will be the right thing to do. They will learn and understand how everything started, collect evidence, and also take care of the paperwork on behalf of their clients.


The highly skilful employment lawyers in Perth will make sure that their clients receive the justice they deserve for the harassment, trauma and difficulty they have experienced. It’s guaranteed that hiring them will provide him/her with the best outcome.


Ending Note

Sexual harassment in a company/business is an offence as it can cause mental trauma to someone. If he/she is getting sexually harassed by someone or they found out that a worker is experiencing sexual harassment, they should report it to the employer or supervisor.


Otherwise, speaking with the Employment Lawyers on such matters will be highly beneficial as they can provide the help one needs.

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