What Questions Should Be Asked During A Harassment Investigation?

February 5, 2024    Employment Lawyers
What Questions Should Be Asked During A Harassment Investigation?

Differences in opinion are common even in families and are reflected in several workplace types. Lower-level employees often perform better than their immediate seniors, which can trigger the latter’s self-preservation response, resulting in untoward behaviour and actions. It’s impossible to please everyone, moreover – one shouldn’t constrain their talent or opinion just because their bosses won’t like it. However, ensuring the work culture first will help in the long run.


Still, one must keep within a limit while admonishing or telling off their employees or co-workers. The legal system allows one to hire an employment lawyer if they feel harassed.

What are the workplace harassment instances?


Workplace harassment constitutes an umbrella term – the general concept of workplace harassment requires demeaning and threatening higher management to a single worker or group of workers in an office. Sufferers of workplace harassment experience extreme emotional stress that can put the long-term health of the worker in danger. Harassment can be of many types and vary in severity, as exampled below:

  • Physical assault or threats of physical assault.
  • Verbal insults like racial slurs, name-calling, and offensive jokes.
  • Psychological harassment like mockery, insults, or intimidation.
  • Indirect harassment through the display of offensive behaviour, pictures, or objects.

The most recommended teams of workplace harassment lawyers in Perth can help you know your rights, protect them, or receive the appropriate compensation for the damage caused.

The process of handling a workplace harassment complaint


Most functioning offices have a separate and specific body to investigate and offer the result for a workplace harassment complaint (it can be a committee, a team, or a separate department). Still, the legal frame allows certain important and permissible questions from the investigator, the victim, and the alleged harasser.


If you are unsure about these interviews, you can always hire a workplace harassment lawyer and take their advice. Here are the gradual steps the office must take after a workplace harassment complaint:


  1. The employer must investigate the incident immediately after they receive a workplace harassment complaint, irrespective of its triviality. They must know the appropriate questions to ask the involved parties and make it their duty to investigate whether or not the complainant wants an investigation.
  2. The present guidelines direct employers to investigate any harassment complaint in the workspace. They also instruct the employer to make follow-up inquiries to ensure that the victim didn’t face any illegal retaliation and that the harassment instances stopped after the remedial action was exercised.


The guidelines also direct employers to undergo training to handle workplace environment complaints.


Most federal and state statutes need the companies to publicize discrimination and harassment policies that expressly state that:


  • Employees should report any harassment incident or conduct they have experienced, witnessed, or learnt of.
  • The proprietor will thoroughly and promptly investigate and manage all harassment complaints.

The standard interview procedure of a harassment investigation


The most skilled employment lawyers in Perth WA will give you a factual, accurate, and detailed evidence list to help you get the necessary justice, so it’s good to involve them. They will also help to ensure that the investigator remains unbiased and uninfluenced by any stimulus. It’s a good practice to call external people of repute to conduct these investigations.


As a standard, the interviewer will start with some basic questions, like their designation, how long they have been in that position, and the total time they are working for the company.


The table below lists some fundamental questions the investigator can ask the following parties:

Designation Questions
The complainant
  1. When did the event occur? The date, time, and duration.
  2. The incident description.
  3. The presence and reaction of witnesses, if any.
  4. Whether any physical contact occurred.
  5. What did the complainant do or say? What was the other person’s reaction?
  6. Did the accuser report it to management? If yes, what time and which person?
The witnesses
  1. What did they see or hear?
  2. The date, place and duration of the incident.
  3. The involved party’s description, actions, and behaviour.
  4. Are any other people present or not?
  5. How did the accuser and alleged harasser react?
  6. Whether they reported it. If yes, to whom and when? If not, then why?
  7. Whether the complainant or accused was involved in similar situations in the past.
  8. Whether they would like to add anything?
The alleged harasser
  1. What occurred? If they deny it:
    (a) Why would the accuser or anyone else lie about it?
    (b) The location of the accused at the time of the incident.
    (c) Whether any witness can corroborate their claim.
  2. If they accept it:
    (a) The place, time, and parties involved with the event.
    (b) What was spoken during the incident?
    (c) Whether they have any witnesses?
    (d) What’s their link with the complainant?

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