When Conducting an Investigation at Work in Australia, What Should You Not Do?

June 6, 2024    Employment Lawyers
When Conducting an Investigation at Work in Australia, What Should You Not Do?

The need for workplace investigations can arise in small businesses as well as large organisations. However, initiating the process is not easy. Apart from hiring a workplace investigation lawyer, you need to keep in mind several other things to prevent legal troubles. So, check out this article to understand how you can start a workplace investigation and get positive results without crossing any boundaries.


1. Don’t Take Steps Based on Assumptions


An employee might be accused of stealing something or divulging sensitive information. One of the worst things to do in the workplace investigation process is to consider the accused guilty. The whole point of your investigation is to find out what actually happened. So, you can’t make assumptions without concrete facts at your disposal.


When you make assumptions, you might end up punishing an innocent person. Do you know what’s worse? Your assumptions might lead to the guilty person getting away without adequate punishment.


There’s one more thing that you need to remember about assumptions. Just because an individual denies something doesn’t mean they are speaking the truth. You will have to consider evidence and witness testimonials to figure out whether the accused is telling the truth. If you don’t want the whole event to end up in a disaster, you should steer clear of jumping to conclusions according to half-baked information.


You will have to remain mindful of the possible outcomes before you can arrive at a conclusion during your investigation. The best workplace investigation in Perth always recommend drawing conclusions after getting sufficient proof.


2. Don’t Stop an Investigation Too Fast


If you start an investigation at your workplace, you should continue it for a fair amount of time. Closing it without running it for an adequate duration gives out the wrong impression.


Your employees might feel that you aren’t taking their concerns seriously. That’s why you decided not to run longer with the investigation. Once your employees feel this way, they won’t come forward in the future if they see something wrong happening in the workplace.


A workplace investigation conducted properly is often lengthy. It helps in delving deeper into the matter and getting closer to the truth. If you run the investigation hastily, you might gather the wrong facts and contribute to negative consequences.


Patience is of utmost importance during a workplace investigation. It helps you remain thorough during your process of unearthing any potential wrongdoing at your company. Taking enough time to assess the situation will allow you to consider the seriousness of the allegations and undertake appropriate actions.


3. Don’t Let Irrelevant Information Hamper the Investigation


There’s a high chance of workplace investigations in Perth getting sidetracked. While trying to figure out what actually happened, it’s easy to get stuck into the web of details. However, an investigation in a professional setting is only successful when you are able to focus solely on the facts. You can’t let irrelevant information remove your eyes from the important evidence.


When you really look into the matter, a lot of superfluous information will come your way. But you need to be able to stick to the facts. The best employment lawyers in Perth suggest that only hard facts and concrete evidence will be able to help you prove an allegation.


Pursuing irrelevant information will definitely waste your time and resources. It will take your whole investigation in the wrong direction and give rise to doubts regarding its accuracy. Therefore, a disciplined approach and a strong focus are necessary for collecting genuine information and making impartial decisions.


4. Don’t Forget to Document and Retain Your Evidence


You might talk to a lot of your employees while investigating wrongdoing in your organisation. Remember to note down the important points during every interview. If possible, try to record all the conversations for future reference. Moreover, you will have to be completely impartial during the interviews.


If you are able to collect any evidence during the investigation, you must keep it secure. It will ensure that no one is able to tamper with the evidence that you have collected. If you want, you will be able to use the evidence in the court of law later.




You will come across several challenges while pursuing a workplace investigation. But with guidance from the best Perth employment lawyers, the process will be a little easier. So, get in touch with efficient employment lawyers today.

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