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Employment law is a set of rules that protects the fundamental rights of Australian workers. It provides information about the legal remedies that can be sought in an employment issue. Employment law covers the fields of workplace issues and contractual agreements. The overarching intention of employment law is to resolve disputes and provide compensation to anyone suffering because of a company’s actions or inactions. Whereas the purpose of criminal law is to prevent intolerable social behaviour and punish those who act in a way that is frowned upon by society. In employment law, the wronged person files the lawsuit in court. Whereas in criminal law, it is the government that files charges. The wronged person may file a complaint, but it is the government that decides whether criminal charges should be filed. For more details, please call on our resourceful team of employment lawyers in East Perth.

Employment Lawyers Provide A Wide Variety Of Legal Services

In employment cases, a legal solicitor commences a case by filing a complaint and representing the plaintiff in court. Our team of experienced employment lawyers in East Perth can assist you with the following services including:

Our qualified team of employment lawyers have years of experience dealing with claims and agreements in any workplace scenario. If you are involved in a case of workplace sexual harassment, you have come to the right place for legal counsel. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you require any legal assistance about employment law.

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Schedule an appointment with our team of legal professionals and we will analyse your case in greater detail before we advise you on the best move you should contemplate. From our previous case experiences, we can provide the right legal advice based on the expected outcome. Nevertheless, we will work together to find the best possible solution in any case of employment law. Allow us to guide you through the legal process and we shall even represent you in court if necessary. Give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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