How to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Australia: 8 Strategies

April 24, 2024    Employment Lawyers
How to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Australia: 8 Strategies

Sexual harassment is very common misconduct in every workplace. It refers to the unacceptable misconduct or behaviour of a sexual nature of an individual to the same or opposite gender that makes the other person feel humiliated, offended, or intimidated, which are common reactions to such conduct in the workplace.


Sexual harassment can be of various forms, including indecent or physical contact, sexual comments or jokes, embarrassing and offensive pictures, forceful ways of requesting to go on a date, direct sexual texts on emails and social media handles, and requests for sex. All these misconducts relate to sexual harassment and preventing workplace sexual harassment is the duty of every business manager.


These harassments can take place anytime and anywhere in the workplace no matter how reputed the business is in Australia. Hence, to prevent these misconducts from being followed in any workplace, we will discuss 8 strategies in this website blog.


1. Create a safe physical and online work environment


Ensure that every corner of the workplace, except private spaces such as washrooms, remains lit and under CCTV surveillance. The employees should not be restricted in their movements and visibility due to partitions, barriers and furniture. Also, mobile phones should be provided to raise alarms when needed by the employees, and the areas that can trap them should be strictly addressed to ensure no sexual harassment.


2. Implement safe work systems and procedures


Remember to ask workers about any inconveniences faced at the workplace, especially those who work from home or remotely. Address the company’s policies and behavioural standards to be accepted by the employees. Also, address issues such as lack of worker diversity, power imbalances, sexualised dress codes, and methods to deal with troublesome customers with the help of employment lawyers in Perth.


3. Create a positive and respectful workplace culture


As an employer, you must set behavioural standards to address the issues of sexual harassment with the help of a sexual harassment lawyer. You must instil in the minds of the employees that sexual harassment in the workplace is strictly prohibited and, if caught, will face severe consequences and also make them understand what misconducts are labelled as sexual harassment. The rules should also apply to the customers and clients.


4. Implement workplace policies


A workplace policy set up in a business organisation will help you control, prevent, and respond to sexual harassment and communicate with the employees, customers, and clients that this practice is strictly prohibited and will lead to severe consequences if caught.


A written policy is all that is needed, which states the misconducts that fall under sexual harassment, the punishments, ways to request help, and the services one will receive to tackle the situation. The best employment lawyers in Perth help small businesses set up effective policies to tackle this misconduct.


5. Provide Information and Training


Every individual in your company, be it seniors or trainees, must be made known about what sexual harassment is, ways to deal with it, and how to report a situation if someone witnesses sexual harassment.


The workplace policies designed with the help of a lawyer for sexual harassment at work must include all the steps mentioned that the employees must train in to avoid this misconduct. As an employer, you can highlight the policy by displaying it on notice boards and brochures or discussing it during informal meetings.


6. Address unwanted or offensive behaviour early


One must respond to unwanted or offensive behaviour as early as possible from further escalating in the future. Nicknames, gender testing, and sexual jokes are some of the common practices in every workplace, and you might find it okay, but there are situations where it might take a drastic turn.


As a manager, you must address the issue or inform your employees on how to deal with these situations for a harmonious work environment by employing the services of a workplace sexual harassment lawyer.


7. Encourage workers to report sexual harassment


To keep your employees feel welcomed and efficient, you must prevent misconduct such as sexual harassment. You must request the employees to report to them if they are subject to any sexual harassment by their coworkers. Also, provide them the means to inform informally, formally, or confidentially. Conduct sessions with the help of employment law firms to help address these issues.


Also, nominate someone to act as an overseer at the workplace by training them with the help of the organization, agencies, the Australian Human Rights Commission, sexual harassment workplace lawyers, and other industry associations.


8. Respond to reports of sexual harassment


As a manager, it is your responsibility and duty to respond to reports of sexual harassment by employees. You should enquire with the person about how they wish to go about the case, whether privately, formally, or in other ways. You must also address the misconduct if you get the slightest clue. Furthermore, try to maintain the privacy of the employees and fairness in the judgement procedures.




Sexual harassment is a very sensitive topic and should be discussed at every workplace for the safety of every employee. It is your duty as a manager to address the situations with everyone and discuss policies on how to solve the problems and safety precautions to tackle them. The best sexual harassment lawyers will always guide you to prevent sexual harassment issues.

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