Why you should never apply without a lawyer for Unfair Dismissal claim?

July 17, 2020    Employmentlawyers
Why you should never apply without a lawyer for Unfair Dismissal claim?

When you get dismissed from your existing job without any valid reason, it is termed as ‘unfair dismissal’. So, have you recently become the victim of an unfair dismissal somewhere in Perth, Australia? If yes, then contact the top unfair dismissal lawyers Perth immediately. Your lawyer will fight your case to the best of his or her ability. This way, you can procure the finest compensation from your employer against your unfair dismissal.

Compliance With The Australian Employment Laws

Australia imposes stringent laws on its employers to prevent them from dismissing their employees unfairly. If an employer breaches this rule, then he or she will become subject to exemplary penalties. The best employment lawyers in Perth have a sound knowledge about making a legal pathway according to your unfair dismissal. Your hired lawyer will implement this legal plan effectively and will give you the choicest compensation which supersedes your expectation. On top all, your lawyer will do this by adhering to the employment laws of Perth, Australia.

Why Hire An Employment Lawyer In Perth, WA?

Nothing can be more stressful than facing a dismissal from your workplace on unfair grounds. You feel frustrated and the world seems to come to a standstill for you. All worries will finish when you will hire a qualified employment lawyer in Perth, WA. These lawyers believe in fighting their clients’ cases strategically rather than following the conventional legal rules and regulations. Appointing an employment lawyer means resorting to the finest strategy to get over your unfair dismissal issue.

Step By Step Legal Assistance

A team of employment lawyers Perth WA stands out from others for the impeccable legal help they offer. They don’t believe in yielding any possible outcome out of hurry. Instead, their legal plans include certain steps which have to be implemented in the proper and expected way. So, what are these steps and why are they considered important can be considered below.

Appraisal Of Your Case

This is the first step your employment lawyer will execute as a part of your legal plan.  It requires your legal advisor to assess the exact nature of your unfair dismissal case painstakingly. During this step, your lawyer will ascertain that you have been dismissed from your workplace due to genuine reasons. Otherwise, your lawyer cannot commence the legal proceedings.

Submission Of Essential Credentials

After evaluating the true nature of your case, your lawyer will ask for certain documents from you. These include your dismissal letter, erstwhile pay slips and employment contract etc. This will aid you to substantiate your unfair dismissal issue to the Australian Court of Law effectively. This will let your employment lawyer file your unfair dismissal case in the best possible manner. You have to submit these credentials within the next 21 days or else they will be considered as invalid.

Implementation Of Your Legal Case

The actual procedure of your legal case will start after you have submitted the said documents to your lawyer. Your lawyer may also ask you a few crucial questions before implementing your unfair dismissal case. These questions will be mostly regarding the circumstances which resulted in your unfair dismissal. Becoming aware of these aspects is indispensable to your lawyer. It will help him or her to get a clear understanding about the type of unfair dismissal you are facing.

Submission To The Fair Work Commissions

After collecting all the essential documents and procuring all the crucial information from you, your lawyer will execute your case. This requires your lawyer to lodge an unfair dismissal form for you. Then, your lawyer will submit it to the Fair Work Commission (FWC). At the end, your lawyer will ensure the best verdict of your unfair dismissal case. So, whenever you get entangled into an unfair dismissal case, hire a Perth based employment lawyer without thinking twice.

Appoint Only An Employment Lawyer In Perth

No matter how complex your case is, employment lawyers Perth will ascertain the best possible outcome for it. Your appointed employment lawyer will study your unfair dismissal case by considering every of its crucial features. After that, your lawyer will leave no stone unturned to bring the whole case on your behalf. Facing an unfair dismissal at the workplace can be the most resentful experience in a person’s life. A proficient employment lawyer in Perth understands that quite well and fights the case that best fits your needs.

Circumstances That Invalidate Your Unfair Dismissal

There are certain circumstances which will prove your unfair dismissal issue as null and void. These include your employer considering you redundant for the existing job due to some changes in the company’s operation. It may happen that your employer has no alternative vacant position to offer you at the moment. This will also be considered one of the circumstances nullifying your unfair dismissal issue. You also cannot claim an unfair dismissal against your employer if he/she has dismissed you according to an employment agreement.

 The Perfect Time To Appoint An Employment Lawyer

Different types of employment issues see no time or event to occur in your life. The most devastating form of employment issue is unfair dismissal for sure. When your employment lawyer breaches the employment contract and dismisses you unfairly, it leaves you completely hopeless and broken down. The moment you become the victim of an unfair dismissal, you should not stay quiet. That is the perfect time to contact a top-notch employment lawyer in Perth.

Other Services They Provide

Apart from unfair dismissal, the best unfair dismissal lawyers in Perth also provide a few services more. These include breach of employment contract, workplace sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, executive dismissal and redundancy entitlements etc. The primary objective of these lawyers is to provide impeccable services to their clients pertaining to any of these areas. So, have you been inflicted by any of these situations? If yes, then appoint an employment lawyer in Perth right now.


So, this time don’t endure an unfair dismissal by remaining quiet. Conversely win your legal case ain assistance of the best employment lawyers in Perth.

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